This website is built on the principle of accessible web design. The main content of the website is divided into three major blocks:
1. Upper function block, 2. Central content block, 3. Lower function block.

The quick key [Accesskey] of this website is set as follows:

Alt+U: The upper function block, including back to the home page, website navigation, website search, font selection, etc.
Alt+C: Central content block, which is the main content area of ​​this page.
Alt+Z: The lower function block.
If your browser is Firefox, the shortcut keys are used by Shift+Alt+ (fast key letters), for example Shift+Alt+C will jump to the middle of the page, and so on.

※When the website item tab of this website cannot be clicked, you can use the following keyboard operation to browse the data.
← → or ↑↓: Press the left or right button or the up and down button to move the label order.
Home or End→: You can jump directly to the first or last item of the label.
Tab: After staying at the tab, you can use the Tab key to jump to the content to view the data. When you encounter the radio button, please use the ← → or ↑↓ key to move the project order.
Tab + Shift: Press Tab + Shift to jump back to the previous data; when jumping back to the tab item, you can continue to use the ← → or ↑↓ keys to move the label order.