Feng Chia University
Major fields
Intelligent Construction Smart Manufacturing Digital Optics Intelligent Operation Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things Smart Energy
Here, a strategy with "Intelligent Focus × Innovation Development" is facilitating in Feng Chia University to integrate our advanced interdisciplinary technologies and rich industry-university service experiences to form a Global Research & Industry Alliance (FCU-GLORIA), focusing on "Intelligent construction, manufacturing, and operation" with extension to digital optics, artificial intelligence & internet of things (AIoT) as well as smart energy. In FCU-GLORIA, the alliance enterprises will build up mutual relationships within partnership and membership, based on joined talent cultivation and R&D activities in our campus to move on to innovation-oriented markets. Stronger links to local industries and the industrial supply chain strengthening will be implemented and integrated over this platform to eventually upgrade our members toward value-added outcomes. We invite domestic and overseas enterprises to join us to achieve a new industry-university ecosystem, where we can share multidisciplinary knowledge, the risk for adventure and interests of outcome.
Membership service