National Formosa University
The alliance of advanced manufacturing for the aerospace processing supply chain
Major fields
Smart Machine, Intelligent manufacturing
The “Southern Taiwan Industry-Academy Alliance” is led by NSYSU and composed of Kaohsiung Medical University, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, National University of Kaohsiung and National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. This alliance is the one and only promotional platform which focus on the R&D outcomes of Smart Textiles for Medicine & Healthcare, Oceanic Technology, somatosensory Technology, Smart Agriculture, Smart Manufacturing and Metal Fabrication five major territories in Taiwan. It accelerates the cross industries innovation and technology development also better utilisation of the effects of synergy of the universities by co-coordinating Oxentia in the stage of commercialization, as well as making the globalization process more efficient. As a reliable partner, ILO focus on the realistic demand of its member foresees the pioneer technology through application problems by utilizing the resource of alliance to provide suitable solution.
Membership service
ILO membership programs offer companies an opportunity to engage with the alliance universities’ experts, researchers and consultants. The membership fees is required to be paid annually. The customized service (expert report, R&D results, investment opportunity, HR service) will be provided to the members.