Far East University
Global Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance for Advanced Composite Materials
Major fields
Advanced composite materials development and application Industrial 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing Virtual reality computer test mode
FEU focuses on the R&D of Advanced Composite Materials (ACM). By establishing ACM alliance with strategic partners, FEU is building an ACM community to accelerate the adoption of advanced technologies and shorten the time frame from laboratory to mass production. By building close relationship between academia and industry, FEU ACM community will serve as a platform to work with our member partners. With clear industrial objectives in mind, FEU ACM community will enhance competitiveness through the innovation on value-added new ACM, intelligent manufacturing processes, and mass production technology. (1) Accelerate the advancement of technology: By integrating ACM R&D and processing technology, members will be able to gain access to services such as material R&D, processing, testing capacities, product design, co-extrusion / co-injection molding, intelligent forming, and CAE mold flow analysis to advance their technology. (2) Shorten time to market: Through the integrated services of the platform, members will be able to shorten the time frame of R&D and pre mass production phase of commercialization to enhance competitiveness of corporates. (3) Promote collaboration between academia and industries: By exploring big data analytic technology, the alliance provides one stop shopping service to ACM and smart manufacturing enterprises to promote cooperation among members and academia. (4) Establish start-up services companies: Through the comprehensive services of the platform, the seamless integration of R&D capacity and mass production technology will enable an idea platform for innovative business models. The goal of the initial operation is to reach financial independent and gradually migrate to the ultimate goal of becoming a startups service company in the long run.
Membership service
In terms of member services, we can provide personnel training, material testing, diagnostic services, research and development, system introduction, and other services. With regard to the service of whole plant technology transfer, we provide a thorough end-to-end process including activities ranging from testing, R&D, prototyping, to mass production.