China Medical University
Advance Biomedical with Blockchain Industry Alliance; ABBA
Major fields
Advance Medical Service with AI and Big-Data, Bio-Tech/ Pharmaceutics, Medical Device, Smart Assistive Device, and Healthcare-Life Science-Blockchain
The ambition of the ABBA is to nurture the first Taiwan Unicorn Enterprise in the healthcare field by integrating smart medical service, minimal-invasive surgery, intelligent medical devices, and healthcare-life sciences-blockchain. With the joint efforts of international innovative intelligences and Capitalists, we are aiming to creating a magnetic platform for the entire Taiwan health industry. The PBBA is powered by the International Clinical Trial Center and the diversified calibers of research engine reside in the China Medical University and Asia University. We are providing members service of bridging the R&D and manpower needs for Cell/Immune therapy, Precision Medicine, biophamaceutics, AI-based healthcare management, smart medical devices, and healthcare blockchain. PBBA vision to create the interests margin by powered biomedical products, international investment, and linking global Innovation and entrepreneurship. PBBA should expedite to fulfill the thirsty in the expanding market health industry in Taiwan.
Membership service
The membership are including: A. Domestic membership B. International membership C. Emeritus membership Members rights: 1. One-Stop service providing by ABAA 2. Consultant and matching for clinical trial, R&D, Administration, Registration, and Legal evaluation for marketing. 3. R&D project matching for tech. transfer or outsourcing. 4. Case management and follow up 5. Lecturing and training course (including international opinion