National Taipei University of Technology
International Academia-Industry Alliance of NTUT (IAIA NTUT)
Major fields
NTUT constantly taken part in the execution the six areas of focuses of the Model Science and Technology University Projects, Ministry of Education, Taiwan. Hereby, announces this ‘International Academia-Industry Alliance’ focusing on ‘green energy, biomass energy’, and looks to develop ‘green-smart electric car’, accelerating the technology commercialization process of such R&D strengths.
As so far, ten percent of the overall listed company’s leading personals in the Taiwanese industrial context are NTUT alumni; this alliance looks to play an important role in connecting technical universities and the industrial market. Acting as the contact centre, we look to recruit outstanding alumni in fulfilling enterprises and their needs, continue to strengthen the academic-industrial cooperative connections. Where some internationally renounced cases of AgilePoint、Audi、Apple Inc.、JASTEC、Everlight Electronics, Acer、Foxconn looks to become our potential members. This alliance adopts establishments five big platform in the promoted strategy, establishes the teacher to research and develop the information bank initially (teacher surface), the alumnus information bank (enterprise surface), further establishes the information platform, makes uniform the material and on-line, for this alliance member to use. Through the provision of our professional support , this Alliance provides specialized consultant recruitment services for our members, in order for our outstanding R&D personals to format consultancy groups, providing our members with a one-stop, multi-faced services, such as information on ‘R&D Centers’, ‘Data bases’ and ‘Factory-type laboratories’. Corporates and industrial stakeholders are also encouraged to further involve in the R&D process in order to add value to both their products and to increase their management efficiency, escalating both their own industrial R&D capacity and global competitiveness.
Membership service
One Stop Service: Service project: ‧Precision equipment leasing ‧Start-up consultation ‧Academic Research Reports (Twice a year) ‧Business Management and Diagnosis ‧Industry 4.0 Advisory team ‧E-paper/ Web Services ‧The Industrial Technology Foresight Research and economic reports ‧Academic research realization to industry ‧IP Rights Advisory Services