National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Taiwan Tech GLORIA
Major fields
Sustainable Energy, Intelligent Manufacturing, Telecommunications(5G)
The Advanced Innovative Technology on Global Research and Industry Alliance of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech GloRIA) seeks to enhance connection between industry and academic research as well as create the linkage with world’s leading science and technologies. By forming Taiwan Tech GloRIA, the Alliance concentrates on establishing relationship between NTUST and corporations. Taiwan Tech GloRIA integrates Sustainable Energy Development Centre, Center for Power Electronic Technologies, Taiwan Tech Industry 4.0 Implementation Center, Center of Computer Vision and Medical Imaging, Research of Heat Insulation Solar Glass and other research resources of NTUST into a service platform to provide services for corporations, including industry-university research collaboration, technical consultation and marketing. With continued acceleration of advances in technology and research development, Taiwan Tech GloRIA is committed to support the strength of industrial skill standards and increase productive interactions with industry, additionally play a key role to meet the needs for NTUST faculty and corporate partners.
Membership service
Academia Consultation Technology Transfer Intellectual Property Joint Research Manpower Cultivation Rapid Prototyping International Market Localization Competitive Industrial Design Service Membership Privileges