National Central University
Wisdom Health Care and Disease Prevention of Industrial Liaison Program
Major fields
With the development of international medical treatment and biomedical technology as well as the increasing change of population structure toward ageing society, the Taiwanese demand for national health care is continually growing. In order to address the Taiwan government’s increasing cost of medical treatment, and further resolve this problem thoroughly by the development of home care and preventable medicine. We propose “ Wisdom Health Care and Disease Prevention of Industrial Liaison Program” and organize cross-campus team to promote forward-looking technology research and development. In addition, we also provide technological service and international resources in response to the contemporarily medical reform, meanwhile it also brings the novel biotech and telemedicine industry to Taiwan. The alliance will integrate with National Central University’s the state-of-the-art core technologies, such as wearable medical devices, biomedical photonics, rehabilitation assistive devices, medical cloud networking and vaccine development, to combine other long-term collaborative cross-disciplinary laboratories. Therefore, on the basis of these methods that strengthen international network, expand forward-looking research, create scientific value, and ultimately achieve the objective of sustainable operation.
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