National Chung Hsing University
NCHU Global Research & Industry Alliance
Major fields
Plant health care, Healthy seedlings, Healthy Food,
National Chung Hsing University(NCHU) is the oldest research-oriented comprehensive university in Taiwan and has accumulated abundant R&D achievements in the field of agricultural biotechnology. The alliance will use the superiority of the university “New Agriculture” as the main axis and will pursue the topics and directions of “Advanced Agricultural Biotechnology” and “New Agriculture under the Circular Economy”. This will be complemented by years of accumulated achievements of the College of Agricultural Science, Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences. Through the allied effect, linking the R&D resource of the industrial and governmental research institutions in the central part of Taiwan, promoting the achievements of agricultural biotechnology, smart machinery, and biomedical materials to increase the added value of Taiwan’s agriculture. While promoting recycling and ecological environment Sustainability, we hope that the transformation and further development of agriculture. Can result to a strong innovation in agriculture. The alliance also integrates research and development of kinetic R&D energy and facilities within NCHU. Using innovative technology to combine and making good use of Industry 4.0 technology to create a new Agriculture 4.0 for the future. It aims to “act as an accelerator for the international companies." Though the integration of strength in the university and industry to promote the technology, capability and products to the word.
Membership service
The school specializes in the fields of agricultural biotechnology, animal medicine, biomedical health, people's livelihood chemicals, and food industry. It provides professional services in the industry, consults the company on R&D process, or provides professional knowledge. Mobilizing the physical assets of schools to provide high quality, service, creating a win-win situation for industry and university. The services to the member are as follow: 1. A single service window 2. Provided a monthly summary of relevant technical review. 3. Technology Talent Information Platform. 4. The presentation of R&D results will be conducted at least twice a year. 5. International (internal) technical seminars and forums, at least four times per year. 6. According to the company's(customer’s) requirements, consultation services on technology and business updated will be conducted at most twice a year. 7. Technical service, small-scale process run, customer-make R&D portfolio & instruments sharing. 8. Industry-academia cooperative research plan and technology/patent authorization (authorized conditions are negotiated separately and must be signed separately). 9. Others, which may be negotiated according to the company’s (customer's) requirements.