National Chiao Tung University
Major fields
GLORIA-Semicon aims at attracting various applications in the fields of IOT, AI, Drone, Robot, Biotech, Self-driving Cars, 5G System etc. across borders. It serves as a platform, introducing the manufacturing resources in Taiwan, pushing Taiwan to the globe. With the application of the S4 combination (System, Service, Software, Smart), the project dedicates in leading the semiconductor industry in Taiwan to a high profitability as well as high value added era. At the same time, secure the position of Taiwan in the semiconductor industry. GLORIA-Semicon 4.0 provides a “One-Station Design Service,” hoping to create a great amount of new products as well as business opportunities. We welcome firms to set up new businesses or spin-offs in Taiwan.
Membership service
1. Matching up professors, post-graduate students, marketing and industrial talents, and even IPR collaborations. 2. Priorities in recruiting of NCTU students 3. Networking and partnership with NCTU alumni globally 4. Cooperation in government resource applications 5. Opportunities in utilizing NCTU laboratories and facilities 6. Join the international tradeshow/exhibition for world-wide exposure 7. Enabling entrepreneurship and fund raising 8. Elaboration of professors’ projects and patents 9. Chipset manufacturing and IPR licensing assistance 10. Free entrance of workshops and events held by GLORIA-NCTU 11. Annual operational strategy meetings for companies 12. Matching up with alumni companies and VC for opportunities