National Tsing Hua University
Major fields
1. Creative Arts and Lifestyles Industry
2. Biomedical and Health-Care Industry
3. IoT and AI Applications Industry
4. Smart Manufacturing Industry
5. Semiconductor and IC Design Industry
 Global Research and Industry Alliance(GloRIA) is a Program Promotion Office that combines the R&D capabilities and talent cultivation of National Tsing Hua University and our partner schools. Through connecting the industrial chain, promoting the development of the industry and economic growth by Industry Liaisons, which aim to give back to the society.  Alliance implementation strategy, 1. Discuss with the Tsing Hua Steering Committee and partner schools to assist applying MOST Germination Program. Through the joint review meeting, identify those who have both original value and industrial value, establish potential for business application of academic research institutions. 2. Through the engineering translation project, connect Industry Liaisons with Tsing Hua R&D teams and implement the technology commercialization with the full-time Engineering Translators to enhance the R&D value. 3. Attract flagship companies to participate in the joint development of advanced technologies and cultivate talents through joint research centers. Currently, National Tsing Hua University has established five Joint Research Centers with MediaTek, TSMC, HiWin, Lite-On Technology, and Unimicron Electronics.
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