National Taiwan University
National Taiwan University Industry Liaison Office (NTUILO)
Major fields
New Intelligent Economy
The National Taiwan University Industry-Academia Alliance was established as a bridge in achieving mutual benefits between the industry sector and National Taiwan University, an integration of National Taiwan University’s R&D momentum as well as a contact window. It provides members with National Taiwan University’s cross-sector and cross-industry R&D technology and talent resources. It not only elevates the technology and development of domestic and foreign enterprises, offers positive feedback for the industry and the economy, but also brings forth the industrial needs and abundance of resources; which in turn strengthens the original knowledge creation events. The alliance adapts the “Smart Integrated New Economy” as the core engine in restructuring the model of industry-academia cooperation, guiding mutual assistance and beneficial of industry and academic resources and creating a new ecology which enhances the research results of academic research and achieving society efficiency and industry value.
Membership service
Services are divided into “Elite Level Membership”, “Superior Level Membership” and “Laurel Level Membership” based on the focus and content of services. For Elite Level Membership, the focus of services revolves around NTU campus services, resource introduction and integration as well as median and planning for industry-academic cooperation. Superior Level Membership services focuses on advanced negotiation and adjustment of existing industry-academic cooperation items that already have initial planning in addition to the execution of mature items. For enterprises which have a solid cooperation foundation and experiences with National Taiwan University, Laurel Level Membership enjoys highly customizable alliance services consisting of comprehensive and diverse industry-academic cooperation solutions. This makes National Taiwan University optimal partners for enterprise innovation and business transformation.

Membership service