Taiwan Gloria Center, European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan signed MOU to boost cross-school international industry-academia cooperation
Events Taiwan Gloria Center, European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan signed MOU to boost cross-school international industry-academia cooperation
In light of Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) project of Ministry of Science and Technology, National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) set up Taiwan Gloria Center (TGC) with eight prestigious universities in north-central Taiwan, determined to build an industry-university-research cooperation platform to deepen the collaboration with the international market. The opening ceremony was held on May 5, 2021, when the MoU with the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT) was signed for conducting exchanges with partnering universities and the international market.
Dr. Shieu, Fuh-Sheng, President of NCHU, said that this year's GLORIA project aims to set up regional academic alliances with many universities to focus on prospective areas by building a cross-school and cross-field industry-university-institute cooperation platform to provide talents and scientific research services for the market. “NCHU is very honored to join hands with eight prestigious universities in Taiwan to set up TGC, which allows us to offer research findings to the market while providing an endless supply of technology and talents for the industry.” Dr. Shieu said.
The agreement was witnessed by the representatives of the participating universities including Dr. Wang, Mao-Jiun, president of Tung Hai University (THU), Dr. Tseng, Yu-Min, vice-president of National Changhua University of Education (NCUE), Dr. Chang, Tsung-Min, vice-president of Hungkuang University (HKU), Dr. Chu, Chi-Shih, vice-president of National Chiayi University (NCYU), Dr. Li, Hung-Tao, vice-president of National Chin-Yi University of Technology (NCUT), Mr. Chao, Kuo-Kuang, CEO of Gloria Taipei Tech, Ms. Tsai, Chia-Chun, CEO of Taipei Medical University (TMU) Biomedical Global Research and Industry Alliance (TMU GLORIA BioMed), and Dr. Kuo, Chao-Yin, Dean of the Office of Industry-Academy Cooperation of National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (NYUST).
Following the opening event of TGC, Dr. Shieu from NCHU, on behalf of TGC, signed the MOU with Mr. Izzo, Vice Chairman of ECCT on the ceremony to promote business exchanges, internship and job opportunities, etc. The ceremony was witnessed by Director Hsu, Tseng-Ju from The Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the representatives of the participating universities.
During the speech, Dr. Shieu stated that apart from promoting industry-academia collaboration, TGC also pays great attention to University Social Responsibility (USR). In recent years, many European companies, in addition to advanced technology and good corporate governance, have also put a lot of effort in promoting corporate social responsibility. The Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) of the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan has been vigorously promoting sustainable solutions in Taiwan, including the policies and technology development of topics like green energy, green finance, green transportation, smart cities, intelligent manufacturing and circular economy, which brings fruitful results to the country. It is apparent that both parties not only share the same philosophy, but also have the common goal of building strong partnerships for cooperation opportunities in several fields for the benefit of society.
Also during the speech, Mr. Izzo, Vice Chairman of ECCT pleasurably pointed out that the NCHU has joined the ECCT and the ECCT’s LCI as the 3rd university member. Taiwan has some excellent universities and research institutes and dynamic enterprises but sometimes the link between research and commercial application is missing or weak. By long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with NCHU and its TGC university partners, and through cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, we can help turn innovative ideas into viable business applications.
Three matchmaking meetings took place on the day between TGC members and ECCT. The main themes of the meeting were "Intelligent Agriculture", "Intelligent Manufacturing" and "Intelligent Medicine" in accordance with the R&D fields of the allied universities. Research results were shown to the company representatives from Europe and members of TGC to promote exchanges between multiple renowned academic institutions and the international market, in the hope of opening up a broader and more diversified way of cooperation.
In order to assist the Ministry of Science and Technology to achieve the goal of industrialization of university research results, TGC will continue to make good use of the platform for boosting industry-university-institute collaboration, and providing technology, talents and business matchmaking opportunities for domestic and foreign enterprises, further promoting university research innovation and the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Taiwan, making Taiwanese companies strong partners for international companies.