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In order to provide business matchmaking opportunities despite the many challenges due to COVID-19, on April 8th, GLORIA Project Office invited startups to participated “Let’s talk Business One-on-one Matchmaking” to explore new frontiers without the limitation of space and time.
The Matchmaking event partnered with 10 VC/CVC and hospital institutions to provide potential investment, proof of concept, and strategic partner opportunities. The event focused on the following themes, Smart Agriculture, Fintech and Healthcare, and successfully attracted 9 university startups over 5 universities including National Taiwan University, Taipei Medical University, Taipei University of Science and Technology, National Chengchi University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, and completed a total of 12 One-on-one Matchmaking sessions online.
The Matchmaking has ended with partner investors and university startups expressing positive feedback through means of integrating related communities via effective channels virtually. Many investors and university startups have made future arrangements todiscuss further collaboration. The Project office will continue to organize events online and offline to bridge academia and industry, and stimulate international collaboration.

Photo description: Parelle matchmaking sessions taking place online