Taiwans Strength in BiotechnologyMedical Research Highly Recognized.  Ministry of ScienceTechnology Creates Blue Ocean of Digital HealthBiomedicine.
Announcement Taiwans Strength in BiotechnologyMedical Research Highly Recognized. Ministry of ScienceTechnology Creates Blue Ocean of Digital HealthBiomedicine.
  The daily confirmed new cases of the novel coronavirus pandemic have greatly affected people around the world and drawn attention to industries of various countries regarding medical care and biotechnology.   Taiwan's excellent results on the fight against the pandemic have won the recognition from the world's public health and medical systems the made global businesses pay attention to Taiwan's research and development efforts on biotechnology medical care.

  In order to showcase university students' achievements in scientific and technological studies and establish links with companies at home and abroad, the Ministry of Science and Technology has set up an area for 14 schools in the Global Research & Industry Alliance at BIO Asia - Taiwan 2020. The area showcases medical care and biological gene technologies on testing, medical devices, vaccines, drug development, health big data, the Internet of Things, AI and 5G, outlining the future prospect of digital health technology.

  At the opening ceremony of the alliance today (23), Minister Tsung-Tsong Wu of the MOST said in a speech that he hopes that through the "Online + Live" demo this year, other industry practitioners around the world who cannot attend the event can also witness the momentum of Taiwan's research in biomedical technology. Minister Wu attended the contract signing of collaboration projects valuing NT$135 million between five schools and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, and there were National Taiwan University and Cathay Financial Holdings, National Tsing Hua University and Amed Co., Ltd., National Central University and DSM N.V. from the Netherlands, China Medical University and Ever Fortune.AI, and Chang Gung University and EZConn Corp.

  Minister Wu pointed out that the continuous promotion of industry-academia collaboration in biomedical technology and other fields can facilitate the connection between the results and talents in scientific studies at home and abroad and the market.  He also hopes that universities will continue to strive for the commercialization of technological studies and establish R&D centers to integrate regional resources, establish inter-school collaboration and develop doctoral talents, especially those in the semiconductor field which is the core of Taiwan's industry development. Strategic planning will also be incorporated into the development of Taiwan's six core industries to make Taiwan a key force and partner in the future global industries and scientific studies. 

  The special area in the show features 14 schools in the alliance, including Chung Yuan Christian University, China Medical University, Chang Gung University, National Central University, National Chung Hsing University, National Chiao Tung University, National Cheng Kung University, National Tsing Hua University, National Yang Ming University, National Taiwan University, National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taipei Medical University and Far East University, demonstrating their innovation and R&D results in the fields of biotechnology, drug development, precision medicine, medical AI, innovative medical devices, smart medicine, genes testing, sports science, agricultural biotechnology, and AIoT smart pandemic control.

  The abovementioned 14 schools also conducted public presentations of their innovative studies, covering applications such as pandemic control technology, agricultural biotechnology, drug development, gene testing, innovative medical devices, genetic selection, virus testing, rapid screening of novel coronavirus, biotechnology, magnetic biomedicine, reproductive chip, medical AI and cutting-edge biomedical technology.