Paving for Future: How technology drives Fintech
Events Paving for Future: How technology drives Fintech

This event has invited Startups focused on Fintech applications for pitch demos, as well as Experts from industry, academia, and cross-domain professionals to share their insights on future opportunities of Fintech! Joined by The Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) project under the Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST), Taipei Computer Association (TCA), InnoVEX and COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the organizer is delighted to present The Paving for Future: How Technology drives the Fintech to match-make tech-startups under the Fintech sector with experts, investors and industry professionals.

Event Information
Organizers: GLORIA of Ministry of Science and Technology,
Partners: Taipei Computer Association, Computex, InnoVEX, TwIoTA
Premiere Time: 14:20-17:00(GMT+8), November 18, 2020(Wednesday)
Contact Person: 
Ms Amber Hou, 02-25774249 ext.340/ Mr Michael Lur, 02-25774249 ext.393

Keynote Speakers(To be Continued):
1) Professor Ming-Hua Hsieh, Deputy Director of Fintech Research Center, College of Commerce, National Chengchi University
2) Professor Ko-Yang Wang, Founder & Chairman of Fusion$360 Co., Ltd
(To be Continued)