Application of noisesound in Chung Yuan Christian University Global Research & Industry Alliance
Events Application of noisesound in Chung Yuan Christian University Global Research & Industry Alliance
Dear industry practitioners,

Did you know that the commercially available headphones have active noise reduction? Do you find the noise reduction function meet your expectations? Does it really reduce noise? Or does it just reduce all the sounds? Or does it process part of the sound, but affect the overall sound quality? Have you found yourself not able to quietly take a rest due to the noise in the environment? Being in a noisy environment for a long time can damage your hearing and make you feel low in energy, ups and downs in emotions and lose concentration, further affecting your physical and mental health. Incubators in the hospital are where babies have to be to temporarily rest after leaving their mothers. Babies may appear comfortable in the incubators, but the electronic devices and equipment around the incubators constantly emit steady frequencies which may affect the babies' rest quality and hearing.   Apart from psychological problems, environmental sounds are what cause people to develop insomnia, and some people simply cannot fall asleep if they hear a little bit of noise. Having a device to block out noise to make people sleep peacefully is a dream for those who suffer from insomnia. Therefore, reducing the effect of noise around the environment is the first step in pursuing the quality of work and life
The Active Noise and Vibration Control Applications Development Center of Chung Yuan Christian University studies the processing of noise seriously affecting people's lives, work, and the surrounding environment, and develops corresponding devices to reduce the impact of noise on people's lives and restore the condition of quality life and workplace for people. Algorithms identify the frequencies of noise and emit reverse frequencies to achieve noise reduction. The technology can be widely used in headphones with true noise reduction so that audiophiles and music lovers can truly enjoy high-quality music from their headphones. The technology can be applied to hearing aids to allow users to hear sounds as normal people do. The hearing aids will not simply amplify external sounds which make users unable to clearly distinguish sounds from different distances.
Professor Cheng-Yuan Chang from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Chung Yuan Christian University is an expert with this technology. He will share his improvement case study of the application of noise and sound, which will aspire the industry in its development and operations and benefits companies in their strategies of planning home care products, medical care devices, and others. We sincerely invite all industry practitioners to attend the forum and exchange opinions in technology and experience to ideate new creativity and new business opportunities.

The event is a collaboration project with Zhongli Industrial Park Service Center, and we welcome all industry practitioners to attend the event. Thank you.

Time: August 4, 2020 (Tuesday) 13:30-16:00
Venue: Shi-Ying Conference Room, 3F, Zhi-Shing Navigation Hall (Industry-Academia Cooperation Building), Chung Yuan Christian University (No. 499, Xinzhong North Road, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, 320)
[Reminder] The building is located off-campus.  Please refer to the traffic information on the last page.

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14:00~15:00 Topic: Application of Noise and Sound
15:00~15:10 Intermission
15:10~16:00 Networking
16:00~ Returning trip
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