Events 2020 Bio Asia Taiwan Industry-Academia-Research Collaboration in Health Care through the Center for Academia And Industry Collaboration of National Yang-Ming University And the Global Research And Industry Alliance- eHealth Indicators

2019 BIO Asia-Taiwan Exhibition National Yang-Ming Global Research and Industry Alliance's exhibition at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 was a great success. A group photo was taken for President H. S. Kuo of National Yang-Ming University and all the colleagues of National Yang-Ming University Business Center of Industry-Academia Liaison and the startup teams to mark the occasion.

 “2020 Bio Asia Taiwan,” an important, once-a-year biotechnology event, will take place at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, from 23rd to 26th of July. “The Theme Pavilion for National Yang-Ming University” will make a grand entrance at Booth R725, where a large-scale exhibition with diversity and expertise will be displayed. Apart from the Innovation and Incubation Center of National Yang-Ming University and the Global Research and Industry Alliance, the manufacturers stationed in the exhibition center include Everay Biomed Co., Ltd., Cell Recovery Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Xiang Ding Biomedical Co., Ltd., Meiyen Biomedical Co., Ltd., Laurel Nutrilab, Bened Biomedical Co., Ltd., Enlighten Materials Co., Ltd., and Iweecare Co., Ltd. These collaborating industry-academia-research medical partners are the eHealth indicators. (The companies are in prefix-stroke-number order.)
The ever-improving development in biotechnology has made AI for Medical eHealth technologies more and more mature. Professor Jin-Wu Tsai, Institute of Brain Science of National Yang-Ming University, has developed screening tests that identify neurodevelopmental disorder-associated genes and techniques that perform image analysis of neuronal degeneration and brain cell inflammation. Professor Tsai performs algorithm analysis for two-photon imaging through deep learning AI to analyze dendritic spines of neurons with accuracy. He has also classified different types of dendritic spines to establish indicators for neuronal degeneration detection.  Professor Chih-Chieh Yang, Institute of Brain Science of National Yang-Ming University, has developed a web-based diagnostic system for assessing psychiatric disorders. He conducts a clinical analysis of gray matter and white matter imaging through an explainable deep neural network classifier to determine a diagnosis of schizophrenia. This AI-based system goes a step further in visualizing the locations of structural brain abnormalities in schizophrenia. Also, “Laurel Nutrilab” has designed the “Delicious and Powerlifting Soup” for the mature age generation. The soup, with increased dietary protein ratio, has been clinically proven to improve the mature age generation’s muscle strength and muscle mass with efficiency, and consequently, their body conditions. 
The Center for Academia and Industry Collaboration of National Yang-Ming University and the Global Research and Industry Alliance have truly united academia and industry and make the latest biomedical research results known to the public. It is hoped that research findings will shine, and the opportunities of technology matching will increase through the 2020 BIO Asia Taiwan exhibition. All walks of life are welcome to attend the event and provide guidance and exchange ideas.