Innovations Business Operation Guidance System, ApparatusMethod for Vehicle
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Joint Dispatching System for Rehabus and Accessible Taxi is a virtual transportation matching platform, making the transport providers more accessible, efficient in operation and available for the people with special needs and the elderly, according to their special needs profile. The system is accessible to users via mobile and web applications, allowing commuters to book transportation services at a click of a button, and transport providers to enjoy a real-time control and management of their fleet. By using the technology of Message Queuing (MSMQ), the supply and demand can be connected through providing better visibility, availability and real time management and execution of rides. The algorithm of this system is designed by the “Business Operation Guidance System, Apparatus and Method for Vehicle” patent (I 475497). With this algorithm, system can calculate the intelligent business guidelines, and enhance the possible of carpooling at peak time, or increase the carrying capacity at non-peak hours, by analyzing historical big data.
  • This technology won the Futuretech Breakthrough Award in 2017 Future Tech Expo.
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Feng Chia University
Hou Sheng-Tsung/