Event Product Development & Project Management Training Course

Bottlenecks and risks are inevitable during product development, leading to problems like delayed progress, or even failures. In order to increase the competitiveness of any product, a scrupulous system is required for resource integration (from various departments), quality control, and administration of budget and work schedule. This training course is designed to help you increase work efficiency while resolving pain points in product development. Learn to handle work assignment and allocate resources skillfully, schedule plans with precision, and discover obstacles along the way, through analyzing project items from various R&D case studies.
Organizer: Center for Academia & Industry Collaboration, NCU
Co-organizers: Global Research & Industry Alliance, NCU;
Guishan Industrial Park Service Center
Lecturer: Richard Pei, Chairman of Chinese Asia Pacific AIOT Development Association
Date: Monday, June 1st, 2020
Venue: Guishan Industrial Park Service Center
Target Audience: Those interested in product development and project management.
Free Registration: Training course valued at 3,200 NTD is offered to industrial park corporations and NCU Global Research & Industry Alliance members free of charge, with limited registration.
Contact: Yu-chen Hsu
E-mail: yuchen@ncu.edu.tw
Phone: 03-422-7151 #27083