Announcement GLORIA 2020 - Building up Unique International Academia-Industry Promotional Institutions in Taiwan Based on Cutting-Edge Pilot Technologies.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has been since 2017 promoting the Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) program, expecting to build an Academia-Industry-Research collaboration platform, thereby allowing Taiwan's high-quality talents and scientific research capabilities to contribute to Taiwan's industrial development. GLORIA congregates the top domestic and overseas academia-industry cooperation groups with focus on forward-looking technologies to further complete the industry-academic cooperation incentive scheme by establishing industry liaison centers and expert employment systems.'

The "GLORIA 2020 Retrospect & Prospect" issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology is the best entry manual to review Taiwan's academia-industry cooperation. By providing case theme stories and corporate experience sharing on 9 major fields (namely : smart manufacturing, semiconductors, bio-technology & medicine, artificial intelligence, financial technology, smart education, green energy technology, smart agriculture, and aquaculture), the report has been able to integrate the knowledge synergies of the global industrial, academic and research forces in order to assist enterprises in R & D and innovation. We believe it has paved the way to enhance Taiwan’s scientific research strength and will further create the new blue ocean for Taiwan in international academia-industry cooperation.

 "GLORIA 2020 Retrospect & Prospect" is under compilation and will be published in May 2020. Contents of particular interest can be downloaded by vising GLORIA’s website: