“FUTEX 2019” reached new height in popularity & effect with over 100,000 visits & industry-academic matching projects in about  NT$ 1 billion
Event “FUTEX 2019” reached new height in popularity & effect with over 100,000 visits & industry-academic matching projects in about NT$ 1 billion
“FUTEX 2019” was held by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and it served as the matching platform facilitating the most projects in linking scientific research and industrial need. After 4 days of exhibition, FUTEX came to an end on Dec. 8th, with the perfect ending of Minister of Science and Technology Chen, Liang-Gee giving out the awards of “Future technology breakthroughs” and “Most popular technologies” in the awards ceremony. During the exhibition days, the most severe cold wave in this Winter swapped Taipei, however it did not stop enthusiastic people from the industry as well as the general public from visiting the exhibition; it ended up attracting 102,700 visits and making possible over 7,000 matching events, and both are record-breaking numbers. It is estimated that the effect in industry-academic matching after the exhibition will reach  NT$ 1 billion.
Taiwan’s stunning power in scientific research was shown in 11 exhibition areas with over 7,000 matching events attracting international attention

Fruitful result was reflected in this year’s FUTEX; not only were people from different industries attracted by exhibition contents as they came to visit in groups, but international groups from United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Russia, Czech Republic, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Luxenberg, Belgium, Singapore, Eswatini, Finland, Australia, the Philippines, and Japan also came to visit and attended guided tour, witnessing the new technology trends that will lead the way in the next decade.
The popular exhibition area of “Precision Sports” was a first in FUTEX; VR facilities in baseball, table tennis, badminton, weightlifting and taekwondo were set up here, along with scientific results from numerous colleges including “Baseball Finger Force Sensing Wireless Transmission Device with Time-series Big Data Analysis System” from Yuan Ze University, “Sport Training System” from National Taiwan University of Sport, and “Next Precision Weightlifting Platform” from University of Taipei, displaying power in precise movement combining technology. The exhibition area of “Space technology” also attracted lots of attention; the “Compact Ionospheric Probe” launched by Associate Professor Chi-Kuang Chao from National Central University received numerous inquiries from foreign guests on the first day, due to its smallest mass in the world of 400 grams. The exhibition area of “Semiconductor Moonshot” witnessed presentations in new technology by scientific research teams every day. A team from Kaohsiung Medical University launched “An integrated system of AI affective computing and multimodal physiological signals in patients with high-risk of cardiovascular disorder”, and they also set up a system of “AI psychologist: reading your mind in 30 seconds”, with which visitors can wear the gadget on their head, and then 8 brainwaves from frontal lobe and temporal lobe would be sent to the computer for it to detect the users’ current emotional signals such as angriness, sadness and happiness, and it attracted many visitors to wait in line for this experience.
In the exhibition area of “Medical device”, the sections of “The development of smart contact lens system: Taking dry eye syndrome diagnosis as an example” and “The first Taiwanese human lung-on-a-chip system” witnessed the most occasions in business talks, as both teams mentioned that the top-5 telecommunication companies in Taiwan all sent people to visit them for future cooperation in technology. The exhibition area of “Smart Agriculture” also witness frequent interactions between corporations and scientific research teams, for instance the “Application of Cyber-Physical Sensing (CPS) 3D stereo modeling” launched by National Chiao Tung University attracted lots of interests from the industry due to its ability to use spectrum to distinguish the fruit sweetness and moisture content for screening and grading; the team of “The plant beneficial endophytic agent for total solution of abiotic and biotic stresses” indicated that not only are Taiwanese companies interested in this, but companies from Singapore, the Philippines, Eswatini and Japanese agricultural associations also showed high interest, therefore further talks on cooperation will take place.
According to record, 70 plus professional groups attended guided tour during the 4 days of exhibition, receiving on-site explanation over hundreds of pieces of scientific technologies; well-known manufacturers including Pegatron, Acer, Powerchip, Teltec, Ginko and Innolux all came to visit, indicating that this year’s FUTEX included many works with potential to be commercialized, therefore gaining attention from the industry.

2700 persons attended the forums with heated interactions, and the “Most popular technologies” award served as the finale
During the exhibition, 30 distinguished industrial experts from USA, Finland, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Australia and Taiwan were invited to speak in successive 9 forums that will ignite technological revolution, including “AIoT critical match point”, “Regenerative medicine: Stem cell”, “Quantum security”, “Aerospace Technologies” and “Taiwan’s next step on semiconductor”. Due to the forward-looking nature of these technology topics, all seats were occupied in all forums with over 2700 persons attending, and all those who could not attend in person watched the live broadcast through the FB fan page of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The “Most popular technologies” award given as the last item on the award ceremony was the grand finale of the whole event, serving as the perfect ending of the four-day exhibition. 88 awards teams of the “Futuretech Breakthrough” award were selected by experts in numerous fields with multiple meetings, and their results with forward-looking and innovative technologies were displayed in FUTEX 2019; in addition, the organizer also used smart people-flow mining technology, matching and voting mechanisms to selected 10 awarded teams of the “Most popular technologies” award, which was given by Minister of Science and Technology Chen, Liang-Gee, aiming to affirm and encourage excellent technology teams’ outstanding performance during the exhibition. (Awarded teams are listed in appendix)

The Ministry of Science and Technology promised to pay continuous effort in matching three sides, in hope that university students can keep up the good work for future breakthroughs
FUTEX is gaining more and more enthusiastic response every year, and its scale is also getting bigger and bigger. During the award ceremony, Hngzyang na Matui & Nahuy Children's Choir from Jianshi Township in Hsinchu County, who won the highest award as well as the special prize in this year’s International Franz. Schubert Choir Competition, performed with their celestial voice, bringing warmness and power to technology. Minister Chen, believes that a platform like this not only can promote these forward-looking technologies and gain instant feedback with physical application in the industry, but it can also help research results to match industrial needs in a sooner fashion, so as to seek the blue sea market with high value added together with corporations. The role and responsibility of the Ministry of Science and Technology is not only just to assist the technology industry to cater to international market, but also at the same time to make these important technology developments well-known to the public. From 2017 to this year, all selected technologies in three FUTEX exhibitions all possess the potential in disruptive innovation, therefore it is believed that they all have the opportunity to become the game-changing weapon that will lead Taiwan into a better future in the next decade.

Appendix: List of awarded teams of “Most popular technologies” award
No. Launching organization Technology
1 Kaohsiung Medical University,
National Chung Cheng University
National Chiao Tung University
An integrated system of AI affective computing and multimodal physiological signals in patients with high-risk of cardiovascular disorder
2 Taipei Medical University Ted-ICU AI Platform
3 National Yang Ming University Web-based Diagnostic System for Assessing Psychiatric Disorders
4 Nation Chung Hsing University Real-time identification of crop losses using UAV imagery
5 National Space Organization Ultrahigh Bit-rate Lightweight X-band Communication System
6 National Tsing Hua University Development and Integration of MEMS environment sensors towards smart and more-than-Moore era
7 National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction An Early Warning System for Flash Floods in Mountainous Areas
8 Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan Development of fruit tree industry monitoring technology based on multi-source image recognition technology
9 National Chiao Tung University New Era of Personalized Medicine - the First Taiwanese Human Lung-on-a-chip System
10 National Chiao Tung University The Development of Smart Contact Lens System: Taking Dry Eye Syndrome Diagnosis as an Example
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