Innovations IoT of Food Allergen Detection System
■Technology Introduction

We use an advance material as the core technique to integrate nanomaterials, biotechnology, IoT, and AI model into building up “IoT of Food Allergen Detection System.” In addition to conducting highly extraction by nanoparticle, we restrain the non-specific binding of biological detection by the key material successfully and promote the accuracy and precision.
■Scientific Innovation

Different from the traditional biochemical detection, we develop the new biological detection technique by the special material. By applying the special coated magnetic nanoparticle, it can conduct highly extraction for the biological sample and restrain the problem of non-specific binding of detection successfully. Therefore, compared with the traditional technique, our system owns higher sensitivity, accuracy and improves the traditional electrochemical algorithms to decrease the detection time substantially.
■This technology won the Futuretech Breakthrough Award in 2019 Future Tech Expo. 

National Central University
Leo Chen /

IoT of Food Allergen Detection System