Global market recognized GLORIA attracted 200 million USD business
Event Global market recognized GLORIA attracted 200 million USD business
GLORIA partnership Fair in US east coast was so successful that local companies were quite exited and actively invited GLOIRA deepen deployement in local industry

Fong-Chin Su, Executive Vice President of National Cheng Kung University, Former Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of Taiwan, led Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) delegation to USA from October 21 to 25. The delegation consisted of university alliances: National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), National Yang-Ming University (NYMU), National Central University (NCU), National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei Medical University (TMU), National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), and National Chengchi University (NCCU). Assisted by Science and Technology Divisions, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston and San Francisco, GLORIA visited world leading organizations including IBM Watson Research Center, MIT, and UC Berkeley. Through networking with more than one hundred local industries, furthermore, GLORIA held respectively a business partnering fair in Boston and Silicon Valley, the world’s topmost clusters of biotechnology, high-tech, and startups. This partnering fair successfully promoted 298 rounds of business discussions, signed eight contracts of university-industry innovative cooperation, and attracted businesses more than 200 million USD. GLORIA was successfully recognized by global market!
Providing advanced technology and innovative services, GLORIA proactively creates values for members, promotes international cooperation on innovation and business, and therefore receives great appreciation from remarkable international companies, including, on October 23 mainly at Boston, IBM achieving consensus with GLORIA on clinic research data, financial data, and healthcare data cooperation; world-class venture company EGI Capital signing MOU with National Cheng Kung University; Cambridge Blockchain (the first blockchain company invested by PayPal the leading global payment enterprise) and Gamma Paradigm Capital (the excess return company receiving Morgan Stanley Award for Excellence), respectively signing diamond member contract and MOU with National Chengchi University; KANG Healthcare, the world’s first Chinese Medicine digital diagnosis company, signing MOU with Taipei Medical University; and on October 25 at Silicon Valley, the leader in enterprise software company SAP signing LOI with National Cheng Kung University; and cutting-edge startup companies MedicusTek, Apeximmune, AiCare respectively signing MOU with Taipei Medical University.
GLORIA has been initiated and promoted by MOST of Taiwan since September 2017. Twenty alliances has been established covering advanced technology fields of Semiconductor, Artificial Intelligence, Finance Technology, Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Smart Machinery, Intelligent Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Intelligent Education. Nowadays, there are 300 well-known companies participating as GLORIA members, 2,645 cases of university-industry cooperation and technology transfer, and more than 56 million USD industry funding towards universities.
After achieving great successes in Boston and Silicon Valley, MOST will continually facilitate innovative partnership between GLORIA and the world’s leading  organizations and companies, including collaborating with Chinese Biotechnology Association to connect US west coast biotechnology industry for strengthening GLORIA’s core competence on international deployment and benefiting both academia and industry.

GLORIA Partnership Fair in US west coast promoted 4 cases of international university-industry cooperation and partnered with strategic companies for expanding GLORIA market in US west coast. (from left: Medicus Tek co-founder C. Jason Wang, Apeximmune Therapeutics CEO Li-Fen Lee, TMU Vice President Chieh-Hsi Wu, Section Chief Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs of Ministry of Science and Technology Hua-Wei Hsu, Former Deputy Minister of MOST Fong-Chin Su、Director of Science and Technology Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco Chih-Cheng Yeh, SAP Head of Strategic Business Unit Richard Chen, AiCare CEO Sean Tan)