The 2019 Presentation of Results from the Academia-Industry Collaboration by Research Institutes Project Makes Us Closer
Event The 2019 Presentation of Results from the Academia-Industry Collaboration by Research Institutes Project Makes Us Closer
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The 2019 Presentation of Results from the Academia-Industry Collaboration by Research Institutes Project Makes Us Closer

A lot of academic R&D results are produced every year, which many researchers exert efforts for and spend years on. It would be a shame if these were not commercialized in the market. How should these valuable results be promoted to industries, or how could they stand out in the market?

The researchers in the academia focus on research, development and teaching. They have few opportunities to work with the industries, or they do not have any plans to commercialize their results, promote them internationally or apply for patents. To effectively promote the outstanding technologies in the academia to meet the industry needs and help companies increase their market share, the Ministry of Science and Technology uses the “Academia-Industry Collaboration by Research Institutes Project” to bring the top R&D corporations in Taiwan together. With them, we can uncover the potential technologies and patents that may be commercialized. The great R&D momentum and experience in industrial promotion help us meet the industry needs by providing value-added and upgraded services, such as market exploration, patent portfolio, field trial, prototype making, product trial production and so on. This will bring the academic research results to a new level and utilize academia-industry collaboration to drive industries to innovation!

The 2019 Presentation joins with “Biomedical Innovation Clusters Integration Program” as well as “Taiwan Reputed University Startups to Taiwan Unicorns (The TRUST-U Program).” It also works with the “Global Research and Industry Alliance (GLORIA)” to showcase nearly 50 successful academia-industry collaboration cases with added-value provided by corporations. Their technology fields cover information and communication, smart machines, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology, biotechnological medical materials, green technology, digital finance, business management, and so on. We work with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, National Applied Research Laboratories, National Health Research Institute, Commerce Development Research Institute, Institute for Information Industry, Metal Industries Research and Development Center, Automotive Research and Testing Center, Plastics Industry Development Center, Precision Machinery Research Development Center, China Productivity Center, and Taiwan Textile Research Institute in order to help the academic circle commercialize their research results and progress through the last mile of commercialization.

At the event, you can learn about many results as well as network and communicate with the technology teams in person. We sincerely invite people from all walks of life to join us, come experience and discover the most suitable technologies for upgrading your business. Furthermore, if you register for this Presentation and become a member of the Academia-Industry Catalyst E-Platform (IACE) or update your profile, you will have a chance to win a prize. For details about the event, visit the event webpage of the Academia-Industry Catalyst E-Platform (IACE) (

Time: 11/6 (Wed) 13:00 ~ 16:00
Location: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park – Warehouse No.4 (No. 133, Guangfu S. Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110)
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