Announcement New Project Launch: Academia-Industry Research Center (AIR Center)
Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) recently releases a new project (Academia-Industry Research Center, AIR Center) to support academic institutions to develop robust collaborations with companies in Taiwan and abroad, and now opens to call for proposal from 1 October 2019. The project aims to develop world-class technics, to foster high-level industrial talents, and to promote the innovation of the industry in Taiwan through AIR Center.

In Taiwan, companies fund on R&D over NT$450 billion every year, but school’s fruitful results did not receive a very satisfactory consideration. MOST thereby uses this new project as a bridge to connect commercial funding together with schools to build a world-class research center to be a magnet for attracting and anchoring foreign companies to join this plan.

Our visions and missions for AIR Center are as follows: to seize global industrial opportunity for cooperative company to develop the market, to explore competitive technics in worldwide, to foster talents through cooperative company’s staffs for further study on PhD program and recruitment from AIR Center. For further details, please visit our website by

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