On-chip integrated quantum polarization-entangled optical source
Innovations On-chip integrated quantum polarization-entangled optical source
■Technology Introduction
We developed a unique integrated quantum polarization entangled light source, in addition to generating a quantum polarization entangled photon pair, the integrated quantum chip also utilizes a special adiabatic optical light transfer array to integrate the on-chip polarization-dependent spectral splitting via the quantum tunneling effect. The integrated quantum light source provides a stable polarization entangled source for the more quantum applications.
■Scientific Innovation
The integrated quantum polarization-entangled light source was experimentally verified by Australian National University for the ultra-micro quantum polarization state tomography experiments. Combined with a metasurface, the experimental structure is directly integrated into the nm scale metasurface with the cm-long integrated chip, which is greatly reduced experimental scale. This study was published in Science.
■This technology won the Futuretech Breakthrough Award in 2019 Future Tech Expo. 

National Central University