Innovations Propagation system of virus-free passionfruit seedlings in Vietnam & development of mild strains for control of passionfruit virus
■Technology Introduction
Virus-free passionfruit seedlings were examined by molecular detection method and transferred to Vietnam. Currently, Vietnam can produce 4 million seedlings a year, becoming an important passionfruit production country. In 2018, ‘Nafoods-NCHU Plant Virus Certification Center’ was established to ensure the production of virus-free passionfruit seedlings. Currently, we are developing mild vaccine to protect passionfruit for sustainable production.
■Scientific Innovation
The established of office ‘Nafoods-NCHU Plant Virus Certification Center’ provides several passionfruit viruses detection methods in order to assist the Vietnam companies to produce certified virus-free passionfruit seedlings. The cross-protection strategy will protect the plants against the severe virus infection which is an alternatives strategy in replacement of transgenic resistant strategy.
■This technology won the Futuretech Breakthrough Award in 2018 Future Tech Expo. 

National Chung Hsing University
Yee-Hang Chong /