Event NCHU GLORIA attends 2019 BIO ASIA
Event Name:2019 BIO ASIA
Date:25th, July - 28th, July, 2019
Location:NCHU Booth (N814), Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 4F
Event Link:https://expo.bioasiataiwan.com/
After the 2019 BIO International Convention in Philadelphia, an international Asia leading Bio exhibition will start from July 25th to 28th , 2019, for 4 days. This year NCHU GLORIA invites more outstanding professors and enterprises members to exhibit together.  
It is the great honor that NCHU showcase at the 2019 BIO ASIA with five professors, five enterprises members, and ten speeches at NCHU Booth. The five professors and their technical exhibitions respectively are:
1) Professor Chiou-Ying Yang shows “Vaccine antigens against Acinetobacter baumannii,”
2) Professor Gou-Jen Wang shows “Portable Raman Spectrometer with SERS Chip,”
3) Professor Lee-Tian Chang shows “Alternative Product on Chemical Anti-coccidial Drugs,”
4) Professor Chih-Yu Wen shows “Method of Tracing and Regulations for Indoor Air Pollution Source” and “Carryable and Automatically Balanced Intravenous Drip Frame and Using Method Thereof,”
5) Professor Jason T. C. Tzen and his research team shows “Science-based Industrial Promotion of Taiwanese Tea.”
In addition, there are also five enterprises members join this BIO exhibition, which are: 1) Maxluck Biotech Co. Ltd., 2) JH Biotech, Inc., 3) Good Agricultural Modernization Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., 4) Healthmate Co., Ltd., 5) Agricultural Bank of Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Last but the most important is that NCHU sets the speech platform this year and arrange the speech activities every day especially. This speech event arrangement is the brand-new experience to NCHU. There are totally 10 speeches within these four days. These speakers and their speech topic are:
1) Healthmate Co., Ltd. with its topic “Development of Process Enzymes in the Food Industry,”
2) Professor Jason T. C. Tzen and his research team shares “Science-based Industrial Promotion of Taiwanese Tea,”
3) Professor Chang-Wei Hsieh shares “Intelligently Aged System to Create Food Black Technology,”
4) Assistant Professor Yi-Chun Chen shares “Bio-based Materials and Circular Economy,”
5) Professor Hong-Lin Su shares “From Bench to Bench Products: A Shortcut Way to Enhance Social Impacts of Academic Works,”
6) Professor Hui-Min David Wang shares ” The Starting Point of Stem Cell Therapy—Clinical Grade Human Stem Cell Culture Medium,”
7) the Senior Marketing Specialist of Agricultural Bank of Taiwan Co., Ltd., Mr. Hua-Chun Hsu shares “Feature Introduction of Natural Plant Protectants and their Development Status in Taiwan,”
8) Professor Si-Yu Li shares “Genetic Engineering of Bacteria for Industrial Applications,”
9) Professor Meei-Ling Sheu shares “Diabetic Vascular Disorder Cell Stress Detection,” and
10) Professor Ching-Hsiu Tsai shares “Build a Craft Beer World in Taiwan: An alliance of government-industry-university.”
As above mentioned, NCHU GLORIA invites many campus outstanding professors to showcase their prominent technical. What a good chance to meet them! We NCHU GLORIA all welcome to meet you at our booth at 2019 BIO Asia from 25th, July to 28th, July, 2019. Look forward to your joining!