Event The Industry-University Matchmaking of Central
Event Name:The Industry-University Matchmaking of Central Taiwan Science Park
Date:18th, July, 2019
Location:212 International Conference Room of NCHU Central Taiwan Science Park Campus (No. 19, Keyuan Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan) 
Event Registration Link:https://reurl.cc/78enN
After “the GLORIA Consociate Campaign and Technical Exchange” with the four universities on 22th, May, 2019, the Industrial-university Matchmaking of Central Taiwan Science Park will link with these four university get together on 18th, July, 2019. This matchmaking event invites eight outstanding professors of these four alliance university together with attracting speech topics, related with precision machinery and Bio fields. They are:
1) Professor Ho, Tin-Yun, the Chinese Medicine of China Medical University, shares the “The Case of Chinese Medicine Bio Industrial Development”.
2) The manager Ching-Wen Kuan of China Medical University Hospital Clinical Trial Center shares “The Job/Function Introduction of Clinical Trial Center”.
3) Professor Yuan-Jen Chang, the Department of Aerospace and Systems Engineering of Feng Chia University, shares “the Prognostic and Health Management (PHM) Technical in Industrial application”.
4) Assistant Professor Chii-Chuan Chen, the Department of  Aerospace and Systems Engineering, shares“ the Case of How to Use Machine Vision on Measurement and Control”.
5) Professor Ping-Shan Lai, the Department of Chemistry of National Chung Hsing University, shares “The Synthesis and Development of Self-assembly Drug Linker”.
6) Professor Tzu-Pi Huang, the director of NCHU Pesticide Residue Analysis Center, shares “The Control of Pesticide Residue Inspection and Food Safety”.
7) Professor Tzu-Chi Chan, the Department of Mechanical and Computer-Aided Engineer of National Formosa University, shares “Smart Manufacturing and Production Technological Forecasts”.
8)  Mr. Hsin-Hung Hou, the researcher of Smart Machinery and Intelligent Manufacturing Research Center of National Formosa University, shares “The Analysis Technology of Equipment Neural Network”.

The speech content above would be really rich and wonderful on 18th, July, 2019. The enrollments are increasing as well currently. We sincerely welcome your join no matter from academic and industrial fields.