HOT NEWS The Last Mile – Successful Commercialization of the Research Outcomes of the Academia-Industry Collaboration by Research Institutes Project
The value-added services of the Academia-Industry Collaboration by Research Institutes Project help accelerate the commercialization of the academic research outcomes.
The Ministry of Science and Technology’s “Academia-Industry Collaboration by Research Institutes” is aimed at promoting the successful commercialization of the results from academic research and development via collaboration with corporation and business entities. On May 24 and 25, the project organized a BootCamp intensive workshop in Tainan to build the capacity of the academic research and development talents on the utilization of patent and intellectual property, commercialization, product market positioning and innovative business operations.
The BootCamp workshops drew inspiration from the United Kingdom’s Innovation to Commercialization of University Research (ICURe) program. Participants formed teams to learn about the implementation of the blue ocean strategy, and to define the target market niche through team building, group discussions and practices, reporting the summary and sharing the experiences of success. The workshops also invited Sheng Wei Peng, CEO of the GLORIA National Taiwan University’s Office, and Jin Chu Chen, CEO of the GLORIA National Cheng Kung University Office, to share the success stories of startup companies and entrepreneurship. In addition, the workshop also invited Prof. De-Shin Liu of the National Chung Cheng University, who has successfully raised more than $NT 100 million via the TRUST-U Program, to share his experience on fundraising skills.
To encourage the application of the skills learned over the two-day workshop, the participating teams presented their work during the final day of the Boot Camp. Prof. Mi-Ching Tsai of the Cheng Kung University, Prof. Yang-Chang Wu of the Kaohsiung Medical University, Prof. Yung-Chun Lee of the Cheng Kung University and Prof. Yuan-Kang Wu of the National Chung Cheng University were invited to review the participants’ works, and to select three teams with excellent works. After a long deliberation, four teams were ultimately selected, with two teams sharing the third place. The winning teams were: National Cheng Kung University’s” From protein drug modification service platform to startup company”, National Sun Yat Sen University’s”Pharmaceutical composition for treating cancer by using Fe-based particles”, National Sun Yat Sen University’s「Bitape - IoT solutions for digital logistics」and National Cheng Kung University’s「An AIOT Real Time Monitoring System for Baby Healthcare」. The winning teams will receive one-on-one coaching from the invited experts to develop their results and assist with their needs, to learn about practical experiences in the industry-academe collaboration process, and to overcome the stepwise difficulties of product commercialization. The program hopes to gain further momentum in order to promote the commercialization of the industry-academe collaboration results and formation of startup companies.