Announcement A Disruptive Innovation for Block-chain’s Future Investment Opportunities
Innovative Services Wait for You to Join

There is nothing new about the impacts of new technics on commercial transformation. To have cross-disciplinary cooperation is comparatively important at the moment when we introduce new technics. With this concern, the Smart Academia-Industry Collaboration was set in 2013 to use research and development forces of academia to offer various services, and now our members are over 2,000. Our services include technical service, talents training, technology transfer, and industry-academia cooperation for the upgrade and transformation of small and medium business.
To meet a win-win situation, we adopt membership system to emit our technics. And with that purpose, the Ministry of Science and Technology will hold a series of topic events for recruiting various companies to join the alliance. Among the events, the first is “A Disruptive Innovation for Block-chain’s Future Investment Opportunities.” We invite three alliances with the background of finance, information security, transportation, and cultural and creative industry to join the event. In the event, we also arrange an introduction of their technics and services to industries in Taiwan and abroad for recruiting potential members. Here is a brief introduction for three alliances:
I. Academia-Industry Alliance of Information, Communication, Personal Information Security Technology and Services at National Chung Hsing University:
Their application development and core technology include 1). The testing system for the security of electronic evidence and information, 2). Personal information management system, 3). Data security technology, and 4). The detecting technology for data security vulnerabilities. They can help clarify the responsibility of information security for companies in Taiwan, and help reduce the risk of information security and the leakage of personal data.
II. Academic Industry Alliance of Block-chain at Asia University:
Their application development and core technology for Block-chain include 1). Bike sharing economy, 2). Food traceability, 3). Securities finance and depository, 4). Digital rights management for E-books, 5). Digital evidence preservation, and 6). A safe bottom architecture. Their main service is to help companies to analyze the technics, to find new application, and to build a system with technical support for the needs of the company.
III. Industry-Academia Alliance for Internet Financial Innovation at National Tsing Hua University
Their application development and core technology covering several technics include 1). Credit risk, 2). Credit evaluation, 3). Financial econometrics, 4). Robo advisor, 5). Volatility risks, 6). InsurTech, 7). Information security, and 8). Block-chain. They use the technics to offer members a high-level credit service to keep the competitiveness and to have an overall investment service.