Innovations RNA interference for treating myopia

RNA interference for treating myopia

  •  Technology Introduction

Myopia, as a result of abnormally elongating the eyeball axial length, is a common eye disorder worldwide, especially being prevalent (~85%) in Asian countries. We have identified overexpressed microRNA-328 as a key factor for myopia. We designed microRNA-328 inhibitors and filed patents for myopia treatment. By using the inhibitor via eye drop, we successfully treated myopic mice and rabbits. No side effect or toxicity was observed.

  •  Scientific Innovation

Our team has developed a series of “small anti-sense oligonucleotides” in eye drop form to neutralize over-expressed microRNA-328 in cells and animal models of myopia. By utilizing our eye drops, we successfully treated myopic mice and rabbits. Additionally, our eye drops were shown better therapeutic effects than Atropine (the only clinically used anti-myopic eye drops). Our product by using the brand new mechanism makes a breakthrough in curing myopia.

  • This technology won the Futuretech Breakthrough Award in 2018 Future Tech Expo
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China Medical University, Taiwan
Yu-Ting Chen/