Announcement 2019 The MOST’ s SuperDay Academia-industry introducing Seminar

Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) held a seminar for introducing the academia-industry projects of MOST to all academic and industrial institutions last year. The event is to encourage schools and academic institutions to cooperate with enterprises and to promote the innovation of the industry. As popular as it was, MOST continues to hold the seminar, and plans three events in the north, the central, and the south of Taiwan this year.

According to the Minister Chen Liang-Gee, Taiwan is a country with limited resources, so technology is the key to make modern country have sustainable development. Our potential of technology is the way to promote Taiwan to the world, and our strength is exactly the integrity of software and hardware with the deep cultural values. As such, the basic research of schools and institutions shall be the role to lead the innovation of technology and to produce the originality of knowledge for creating values. In the future, MOST will be more active to promote the innovation of Taiwan, and offer more sources to develop technology for better future. To push the innovation of industry, however, it needs the support of schools and institutions along with creative activities. In this case, the various projects of MOST is born to fund and support the whole innovative system, so the seminar of “SuperDay” on May 17, May 20, and June 4 of this year is going to introduce all projects of our Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration and Science Park Affairs.

We welcome all to join the events, and here is the registration website: