A leg-wheel transformable mobile platform
Innovations A leg-wheel transformable mobile platform
  • Technology Introduction
A mobile platform, which can adapt to various terrains, such as indoor, outdoor, natural and artificial environments, is presented. Techniques are as follows:

1.The innovative leg–wheel transformable mechanism with bio-inspired control architecture is designed.

2.The platform is able to switch to different operating modes and to select an optimal moving direction automatically.
  • Scientific Innovation
The techniques that make the mobile platform unique to the international realm of robotics are stated below:
  1. The innovative leg–wheel transformable mechanism reduces both structural mass and system complexity on platform.
  2. By using central pattern generator (CPG), the control system is simplified.
  3. The platform is capable of agile and robust motion on different kinds of surfaces.
  • This technology won the Futuretech Breakthrough Award in 2018 Future Tech Expo.
  • Institutes
  • National Taiwan University
    Yu-Wen Wang /BioRolab@gmail.com