GLORIA Participates in Hannover MESSE to Pave Way for Global Industry 4.0 Deployment
Hot News GLORIA Participates in Hannover MESSE to Pave Way for Global Industry 4.0 Deployment

Ministry of Science and Technology’s Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) program has been actively deploying in Industry 4.0 globally, and gathered National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University, Feng Chia University, National Central University, and National Formosa University, to participate in Hannover MESSE 2019 for the first time, creating a theme pavilion of GLORIA and showcasing Taiwan’s research and development energy in domains such as intelligent manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and industrial supply. Taiwan’s industrial application technology and R&D results will be promoted to the global market through this most significant global annual event of industrial machinery, enhancing the international exposure of Taiwan’s intelligent manufacturing industry. Also, Feng Chia University and National Formosa University will visit Fraunhofer to establish a sound exchange platform for technical collaboration between Taiwan and Germany.
To facilitate academic research and bridge domestic industrial development with international trends, MoST encourages universities to establish international academia-industry alliances, in order to enhance R&D value and strengthen visionary and innovative competitiveness. Through the principle of “Small Country, Smart Strategy,” MoST also actively look for suitable partners around the world to form formidable teams.

The highlights of this GLORIA showcase range across all domains of Industry 4.0, including the narrow-band high-power mid-infrared light emitter and the room-wide operation of the narrow-band mid-infrared light detector by Professor Li Si-chen’s team, 360° Image Stitching and 360° Face Recognition by Professor Homer Chen’s team, and Solar-Powered Quadcopter that can continuously fly for more than three hours developed by Professor Lin Ching-fu’s team at National Taiwan University; National Central University’s Professor Chang Rong-seng’s “Smart Tag” that integrates big data technology, and KORAT automation system developed by Professor Cheng Yung-pin; the “Industry 4.1” program proposed by Director Chen Fang-tien of National Cheng Kung University; Feng Chia University’s integration of virtual and real technology for detection of leather flaws, and thin film heating technology and stretchable thin-film strain sensor; and National Formosa University’s three common products for intelligent manufacturing application scenarios, including Laser R-Test, Smart Machine Engine, and Tangram IoT devices.

In addition to showcasing key technological developments, GLORIA also strives to strengthen bilateral collaboration with German research institutes and explore value-added services for its enterprise members. Led by the President of Feng Chia University, a delegation will visit Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST, to facilitate collaboration in surface coating technology between Fraunhofer and alliance member SwiRoc Corp., and help Medal Industries Research and Development Center to establish R&D collaborative channel with Fraunhofer IST, exploring business opportunities of industrial applications of related surface technology, which will drive domestic technological upgrade and transition. National Formosa University also exchanges details of collaborative projects with Fraunhofer IPT. Furthermore, National Central University GLORIA also signs MOU with King Team Co., which has obtained the international AS-9100 aerospace certification, to expand on collaboration opportunities, as the two parties aim to collaborate in areas of joint development of modules, robotics education and courses, and development of industry-related machinery parts and components.

In the future, GLORIA will continue to focus on intelligent manufacturing, strive for industrial application of R&D results, integrate academic and industrial R&D energies for maximum synergy, actively expand the cooperative network of GLORIA and global partners, connect and bridge Taiwan’s academic and research energy with industries for greater opportunities, and assist with promotion of innovative technology on an international stage, ultimately enhancing the value of the smart machine industry and pioneering new paths for Taiwan’s industrial development.