Innovations The Mobile Platform for Rapid Detection of Harmful Cyanobacteria Their Metabolites in Drinking Water Reservoirs
  • Technology Introduction
The platform integrates a mobile vehicle with optical, bio-molecular, and immunoassay methods, enabling on-site, quick and multi-target determination of harmful cyanobacteria and their metabolites. The platform was successfully tested for more than 100 times in 10 major drinking water reservoirs in Taiwan. Based on the information obtained, reservoir managers are able to trigger responses to the incidents of cyanobacteria.
  • Scientific Innovation
This is the world’s first mobile platform for rapid detection of harmful cyanobacteria and their metabolites in drinking water reservoirs. After sampling, all important cyanobacteria, cyanotoxins, and odor compounds related information can be collected within 3 hours on-site. This technique is able to identify both the toxic and non-toxic strains of the same cyanobacterial species, for which traditional methods are not able to achieve.

This technology won the Innovative Technology Breakthrough Award in 2018 Future Tech Expo.

  • Institutes
National Cheng Kung University
Yi-Ting Chiu/