Innovations Fabrication of NonplanarFully-Transparent Microfluidic Devices Using 3D PrintingSonication-Assisted Dissolution Technique
  • Technology Introduction
Planar microfluidics has played an important platform for novel medical materials for decades, but the medical articles pointed out that the experiment results generated from the planar microfluidics are very different from the clinical trials. Hence the aim of this research is to develop a novel fabrication process to create a truly 3D microfluidic for state-of-the-art medical researches.
  • Scientific Innovation
A 3D printed ABS mold and PDMS casting were conducted to create a 3D and fully transparent microfluidic device. In the fabrication process, solvent evaporation step was used to minimize the surface roughness of a printed mold for creating a fully transparent microfluidic chip while a two-step dissolution process was used to completely dissolve the embedded and slender ABS inside the PDMS chip.

This technology won the Innovative Technology Breakthrough Award in 2018 Future Tech Expo.

  • Institutes
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Yi-Chin Chen /