Event 2019 Training Program for Medical Device Inspection & Registration
With the higher demanding of quality medical treatment causing by aging population and, the growth of global new market demands, bio-medical industry becomes the key item which Taiwan and it's southern city, Kaohsiung, plan to promote.  In order to enhance the core competence of medical device firms and related innovation as well as the promotion to encourage new companies to join this industry, Kaohsiung City Hall has organized two times of training program since year 2017.  The training recruit experts from academic、government and industry to share their knowledge and experiences.  It is now the main consulting window which provides various of information and knowledge for medical device firms and has accumulated more than 1800 people to join the training program.  Due to the high demands and active response, the third time of event will be organized soon to help develop medical device industry in south of Taiwan.
This time the program will first have a view of the industry trend to help better understanding of the industry development for the future.  Also, to response the demands of the combination between traditional bio and modern technology, the program adds IVDR and 3D printing related topic.  MDSAP、ISO13485:2016、sterilization and packaging validation are included, too.  A case study will be arranged at the end to link the theory and operation.  The new program will definitely bring the fruitful learning for medical device players in south of Taiwan.

Event Title2019 Training Program for Medical Device Inspection & Registration
Event Date:2/18、3/19、4/16、5/21、6/18、7/16
  •  3/19、4/16、5/21、6/18:Kaohsiung Medical University Li-Hsueh Building Video Conference Center (No.100 Shih-chuan 1st Rd. Kaohsiung)
  • 2/18、7/16:ITRI Southern Taiwan Industry Joint Service Center Room 101(15F No.25 Jhongjhen 3rd Rd. Xingxing Disc. Kaohsiung)
◆Also available at the following location via video conference:
1.Southern Taiwan Science Park-Kaohsiung section Administration Building Room 401
2.Kaohsiung Municipal Ta-tung Hospital
3.Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital
Event URL2019年醫療器材查驗登記培訓系列課程 https://bit.ly/2TV3mVP

Host:Economic Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
Co-organizers:MOST、Southern Taiwan Science Park、Taiwan Food and Drug Administration
Execution:Kaohsiung Medical University、Metal Industries Research & Development Center、General Clinical Research Center of Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital、Industrial Technology Research Center、Southern Taiwan Global Research & Industrial Alliance