Semiconductor ManufacturingDesign for AI Edge
Innovations Semiconductor ManufacturingDesign for AI Edge
  • Technology Introduction
Twenty academic R&D teams of Semiconductor Moonshot Project will develop key technologies for AI edge. Three teams show their technologies this time.
1-Speech Command Recognition System with Low-power Deep Learning Accelerator.
2-SpectroiEdge and method of manufacturing.
3-Portable and wireless urine detection system and platform for prevention of cardiovascular disease.
  • Scientific Innovation
1-Integrate neural network design/training, speech/image processing, and accelerator design to realize low-power speech command system.
2-Portable spectrometer algorithms to get actionable answers in the field. Smartphone Spectroscopy for field-based medical diagnostics.
3-Evaluating user’s risk of cardiovascular disease by detecting biomarkers in urine. Amperometric microfluidic sensing chip design.
  • Institutes
National Chung Hsing University,National Tsing Hua University,National Cheng Kung University
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