Announcement The Ministry of ScienceTechnology, 2019 Issue 1 Academia-Industry Collaboration Research Program (Including Pilot, Development,Application Types), Now Accepting Applications
The program hopes to effectively introduce the resources of the industry into research and development institutions, and to solve the industry's need for talent in research and development and industry cultivation. It supports three types of industry-academia collaboration projects, pilot, development, and technology and knowledge application, to promote cooperation between academia and industry, provide a suitable platform and interface, transfer research and development energy to the industry, establish an innovative industry-academia collaboration model, and improve the competitive advantages and niche of the industry.

The processing schedule and information related to the program:
  • Time: Currently accepting applications until January 8, 2019
  • Acceptance and processing announcement: All information regarding acceptance and processing will also be announced on the MOST website (News & Events/Project Solicitation).
  • Relevant documents: Please download and use the forms on the MOST website (http: // under the "News & Events” or "Academic Research/Subsidies Grants Handling Principles and Forms/Subsidies for Special Research Projects/Academia-Industry Collaborative Research Projects".
  • Program contact person:
    For computer operation problems, please contact our information system service hotline at: 0800-212-058, (02)2737-7590, (02)27377591, (02)2737-7592
If you have any questions about the provisions of the program, please contact the MOST Department of Academia-Industry Collaboration: (02)2737-7241, (02)2737-7232

Academia-Industry Collaboration Research Program, now accepting applications