GLORIA Drives New Momentum in Innovation. Experts From Israel, the U.K.,the U.S., Share Experiences in Technology Transfer & Industry-Academia Collaboration
Hot News GLORIA Drives New Momentum in Innovation. Experts From Israel, the U.K.,the U.S., Share Experiences in Technology Transfer & Industry-Academia Collaboration
To stay ahead of global trends and improve national competitiveness, the Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA), launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology, held the “GLORIA Workshop – Fostering Innovation by Industry-Academia Collaboration” on November 7. At the event, experts from Israel, the U.K., and the U.S. gathered to share the latest trends in industry-academia collaboration and had in-depth exchange of experiences in promoting industry-academia collaboration.

At this event, Deputy Minister Yu-Chin Hsu of the Ministry of Science and Technology addressed that Until Oct. 2018, Gloria has 275 members from domestic and oversea companies, that created member fee and technology transfer income, more than NT 94 million and NT 550 million, respectively. Moreover, to infuse the industries with academia’ research results, the Ministry keeps working on ways to bridge industry and academia. Topics about technology transfer model and process, industry-academia partnership, the commercialization of research results and so on will drive the Ministry and all audiences to rethink and design collaboration and promotion models.

Dr. Yaron Daniely, CEO of Yissum, talked about reshaping the technology transfer and monetarizing academia research results. Yissum offers one-stop service for industry-academia collaboration. Today, this company has several remarkable achievements, such as holding more than 10 thousand patents, more than 2,800 inventions and traded 900 licenses, which birthing more than 130 startups. While Google and Intel bought in Yissum’s service and specialty, Yissum is committed to globalize its entrepreneurs and investors community.

Mr. Brian Graves, managing director of Imperial Innovations, shared Imperial College London’s mechanism for promoting industry-academia partnership, where the incentive design and ecosystem is emphasized. From 2006, Imperial Innovations has raised more than 206 million GBP and incubated more than 45 startups.

Dr. James Severson, former president of the Association of University Technology Managers, gave his talk with case studies, in which American universities construct innovation ecosystem to process ideas, results and value create. Jesse Chen, CEO of GLORIA NCKU, showed visions for industry-academia collaboration in Taiwan and emphasized that GLORIA has constructed infrastructures for business opportunities, talents policy and new partnership models.

This event also arranged a round table and visiting schedules for speakers and GLORIA’s academic institutions. During the discussion, they exchanged the latest trends in collaboration model, and strategies to develop an innovation ecosystem, where international relationship, community management and operation, talent issue, and mechanism design are considered for conduct collaboration and technology transfer more creatively and effectively in Taiwan.

The next issue of the newsletter will feature the interview of Dr. Yaron Daniely, Mr. Brian Graves, and Dr. James Severson, the industry-university cooperation experts from Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States.