Serial Events of Bio-Navigator - How Digital Health will Help Precision Medicine
Event Serial Events of Bio-Navigator - How Digital Health will Help Precision Medicine
National Yang Ming University
Business Center of Industry-Academia Liaison
__ Serial Events of Bio-Navigator
Corporate Keynote Speech __ Asus Life
Wu Han-Chang, General Manager

For the second session of corporate talks on "Serial Events of Bio-navigator”, we have especially invited the general manager of ASUS Life, Wu Han-chang, who is committed to the research and development and operation of precision medical products, and he would share how digital health can help precision medicine. The talk will, for sure, be marvelous and all are welcome to take part.
ASUS Life is a subsidiary of ASUS Cloud, which is responsible for the field of medicine, and it has combined OmniStor digital platform of ASUS Cloud to develop medical big data products (PhenoFinder) and medical Internet of Things (OmniCare). Furthermore, it will also facilitate innovative applications medical care for animal as well as assist the digital transformation of medical care industry.
Talks on Serial Events of Bio-navigator
6th December, 2018 (Thursday)
Time Agenda Speaker
10:00 ~11:00 How digital health will help precision medicine Asus Life
Wu Han-chang, General Manager

11:00 ~ 11:30 Q & A
11:30 ~ 12:00 Networking
Venue: Second conference hall, Student Activity Center, National Yang Ming University
organizer: Business Center of Industry-Academia Liaison(BCIAL) / Global Research & Industry Alliance(GLORIA) , National Yang Ming University
co-organizer:  Office of Research & Development, National Yang Ming University
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