"Forms a Global Research & Industry Alliance (GLORIA) Centered on Universities"
Focuses on Advanced Technology Fields
Builds Industry-University-Institute Platforms for Linking Taiwan with the Global Market
Provides Industries with Talents and Scientific Research Services
This project aims to form global research and industry alliances that are centered on universities. Alliances in this project focus on advanced technology fields to build industry-university-research platforms for linking Taiwan with the global market and to provide industries with talents and scientific research services.
By forming alliances within four years, we expect to bring in an investment of NT$ 2.5 billion in the academia by more than 200 representative domestic and global enterprises. With the investment, benefited universities could contribute their advanced knowledge and technologies to the industries, cultivate more than 2,500 talents to meet the industries' needs, and further enhance their overall research strengths.
Our alliances establish mechanisms for attracting funds from domestic and global enterprises as members into the universities, and offer members different services depending on their membership levels.
Regional Cross-Campus Integration Alliance
Integrate cross-domain and cross-campus industrial-academic resources and patents, fortify patent selection and promotion mechanism, and bring together cross-campus talents and technologies.
Professional Functionality Group
Establish a cross-alliance working group based on domains or specific themes to consolidate cross-alliance resources and capabilities.
Connect Cross-Program Resources
Expand the integration effect by connecting scientific researches, entrepreneurship programs and AIR Center, etc.
Increase Alliance Self-Generated Incomes
Foster cooperation with international benchmark enterprises and attract international members; layout the footprints of startups and high-value-added industrial-academic collaboration, etc.
Enable schools to operate on their own by way of membership fees and incomes from industrial-academic partnerships, with funding decreasing each year.
Align the innovation and R&D energies of Taiwan's universities and enterprises with the global industry supply chain, and through cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises, introduce industry resources to the academia to create a new innovation ecosystem in various fields, so that institutional research can achieve multiplying results, and come out of the ivory tower to create social benefits and industrial value. 
Global Research and Industry Alliances are formed centering on universities.
Operation Mechanism

GLORIA incorporates a patent program for inventions, which allows top research teams to collaborate with each other in a cross-campus manner, integrating the R&D energy of the academic community and creating a technological R&D economy of scale to develop forward-looking technologies.

In addition, an "Industrial Liaison Center" is set up as a single service window to recruit industry liaison experts with senior industry and venture capital backgrounds to match the needs of enterprises and the R&D capabilities of alliance schools to facilitate domestic and foreign industrial-academic-research cooperation, talent matching or startup creation to expedite the upgrading of the overall industry. Promote international cooperation between industry and academia in order to cultivate international-level talents and lead the country's scientific research to integrate with industry and the international arena, thus forming a self-sufficient alliance operation mechanism.
Service—Diverse Fields
The Ministry of Science and Technology launches the Global Research and Industry Alliance Project to developed strengthen the mutually beneficial cooperation between domestic research results of universities and global enterprises, and to provide the industries with advanced technologies and excellent talents in Artificial Intelligence, Semiconductor, Green Energy, Smart Machinery, Biotechnology & Medicine, Financial Technology, Intelligent Agriculture, etc. The alliances function are a great platforms for linking domestic and global enterprises with universities and institutes.