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  • 2018 Dec 19
  • To Broaden the International Business, National Chung Hsing University GLORIA Led the Alliance Members to Join the Exhibition of TAIWAN International Agriculture Week
 The 2018 Taiwan International Agriculture Week Exhibition debuted on November 21st in Kaohsiung. During the 3 days’ exhibition, it was held on the theme of exquisite agriculture. National Chung Hsing University GLORIA led the three alliance members to join it, and meanwhile showed the professors’ distinguished technology as the following:
  1. The technology from the Vice President, Professor Huang, Jenn-Wen, is about the application technology and the effect from the product of Bacillus myocytes on protecting crop healthy.
  2. The technology from Distinguished Professor, Yao-Tung Lin, is “Integrated Smart Fresh-Keeping Fruit Materials/Technology and Environment-Friendly Innovative Plant Protectant.”
  3. The technology from the Dean of the College Agriculture and Natural Resources, Professor Fuh-Jyh Jan, is “Development of Portable Detection Techniques for Orchids-Infecting Viruses and in Vitro Production of Virus-Free Phalaenopsis Orchids.”
  4. The technology from the Dean of the International College of Innovation and Industry Liaison, Professor David Wang, is “Taiwan fungus Camphoratus - Ruby Originated from the Taiwan Forest, Its Bioactivity and Metabolites.”
As above, the NCHU booth of the 2018 Taiwan International Agriculture Week Exhibition has showed various Nano biotech food production, medical materials, and other qualified agricultural technological achievements. The most impression is the exhibition of rice varieties for safe rice from Professor Wang Chan-Sen. They also have the researcher on the booth providing the further illustration about technology and their productions.
On the site, here are the exhibitions of 3 alliance members and 1 professor.
  1. JH Biotech. showed the called “Bio 4” based on four mainly biological products: 1) biological pesticides, 2) biological fertilizer and growth promoter, 3) Animal Feed Additives, and 4) Bioremediation product.
  2. The enterprise spirit of DAIMOND NANO-BIOCHEM. is "Excellent Quality and Satisfactory Service." It used the Nano-related technology applied on the agricultural materials during the around 40 years, and successes to create a series of liquid fertilizer products for making plants being stronger.
  3.  Healthmate Co., LTD. provides the functional materials, health food ingredients, and cosmetic ingredients of European patent and clinical verification.
  4. The Professor Wang Chan-Sen, from the Department of Agronomy, has started the R&D in the field of rice mutagenesis population from 1993. His research team used the professional technology of chemical induction to create the Japonica rice mutagenesis population as the new varieties. He has been successfully bred the qualified rice to prevent bacterial leaf blight of rice through less pesticide usage to provide consumer more safe rice.
There are lots of foreign buyers from Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, India, Singapore, New Zealand, etc. on the 2018 Taiwan International Agriculture Week Exhibition. Besides, there are also many famous medium visiting NCHU booth, and inviting the further interview and report. For example, Taiwan Area Fishery Radio, Japan Agricultural Communications (JA Com.), The Japan Food Journal, and so on. These all give us the big favor to promote and increase media report of professors and industrial technology and their product brand for gaining more cooperation opportunity.

【Group shooting】NCHU GLORIA team members, alliance member attendees, and the team of Professor Wang Chan-Sen.

【Group shooting】The reporter of Japan Agricultural Communications (JA Com.) and NCHU GLORIA members.

NCHU GLORIA alliance member, JH Biotech. accepted the interview from Taiwan Area Fishery Radio.