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  • 2018 Nov 27
  • 2018 Innovation Medical Device Development Technology Exchange Exhibition Creates New Opportunities for Domestic Medical-Equipment Manufacturers

Group photo of honorary guests during the opening of the “2018 Innovation Medical Device Development Technology Exchange Exhibition”

The 2018 Innovation Medical Device Development Technology Exchange Exhibition opened at National Yangming University (NYMU) and was held from November 22 to November 24. The exhibition was the first in Taiwan to address the theme of “one-stop technology development,” incorporating various stages of clinical equipment development from meeting clinical needs to product commercialization. The joint organizers this year, namely the Taiwanese Society of Biomechanics and Global Research and Industry Alliance (GLORIA), enacted a transition away from the single-theme convention of previous exhibitions by focusing on developing innovative medical equipment and a complete industrial chain. The result was a comprehensive exhibition encompassing a variety of fields, including product design and analysis, manufacturing, inspection and preclinical testing, and animal and clinical experiments. Additionally, the exhibition was held concurrently with the 21st International Conference on Mechanics in Medicine and Biology, a representative event of the academia that attracted approximately 3,000 attendants from 10 countries and 34 companies in 2018. The event successfully bridged gaps in the development of medical equipment and achieved impeccable integration of the academic and industrial application of biomedical mechanics.

Honorary guests who spoke at the opening ceremony: Lin Chun-Li, Dean of Office of Research and Development (second to left); Su Fong-Chin, former Political Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology (fourth to left); Chuang Woei-Jer, director general of the Ministry of Science and Technology (fifth to left); and Kuo Song-Hsu, President of NYMU (sixth to left).

The exhibition this year focused on “progressive (innovative) medical equipment” in four major fields: precision machinery, additive manufacturing technology (rapid trial manufacturing), inspection energy, and clinical application. Internationally renowned medical equipment manufacturers attended the exhibition, including high-end detection instrument manufacturers such as Instron and Waters; inspection agencies such as SGS and Master Laboratory; medical engineering companies such as MSI, Chineyeh, and Taiwan Auto-Design Corporation; and innovative medical equipment manufacturers such as United Orthopedic Corporation and Wittrom Medical.

Attending manufacturers at the 2018 Innovation Medical Device Development Technology Exchange Exhibition

On November 22, which was the first day of the event, exhibition booths were flooded with visitors making inquiries from both Taiwan and foreign companies. The 3D printers by Ingrowth Biotech and Tongtai Machine and Tool were highly anticipated by the honorary guests. Moreover, Medgaea Life Sciences, the most prominent contract research organization that specializes in animal testing in China and Taiwan and SGS, the largest inspection organization in Taiwan, both received enthusiastic response at the event. This exhibition enabled enthusiasts and manufacturers who were interested in medical equipment to transition from biotech to medictech, thereby improving the international reputation of Taiwan’s medical-equipment industry. Attending manufacturers reported that they found the exhibition to be highly beneficial.

After the opening ceremony, the President of NYMU, Kuo Hsu-Sung, guided the Dean of the Office of Research and Development Lin Chun-Li, Director of Main Research Center Yang Sai-Wei, and chief executive officer of GLORIA Pei Hsien-Chih through the exhibition and thanked attendants for their participation. He also encouraged teachers and students to actively participate in the event to convert their academic research into practical applications. Moreover, under the leadership of Pei, GLORIA also served as a bridge for academia and industry Collaboration through close communication with the manufacturers at the event, thereby becoming the ideal promoter of industry–university matching.

Kuo Hsu-Sung, President of NYMU, personally presented certificates of appreciation to participating manufacturers

According to the event planning team, this exhibition was well-received by manufacturers. To benefit a greater number of domestic medical equipment manufacturers, the planning team is also considering expanding the scale of the exhibition in 2019 to promote its international presence, thereby increasing the visibility of medical equipment in Taiwan.

Wittrom Medical, which specializes in medical equipment for minimally invasive surgery, displayed the results of their spinal implants.