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The team from National Sun-Yat Sen University (a member of Southern Taiwan Gloria) was just selected to be the representative of innovation for CES 2019 Taiwan Tech Arena.  They will present their latest development “Multi-function smart window film” in CES and will bring more attention from the investors.

The team is guided by Dr. Tsung-Hsien Lin (James Lin) from the Department of Photonies and successfully develops “Multi-function Smart Window Film”. Instead of using the heavy glass, the team develops a curable film which can be put on the normal glass and adjusted according to the users’ demands such as “Thermal paper mode with brightness adjustment” and “High Privacy Secure Mode”. The development can be used on the glasses of cars or the glass curtain of building.  It can also be used for high resolution projection with projectors.  The invention won “Touch Taiwan I-zone The Best Innovation”, “Optics & Photonics Taiwan International Conference (OPTIC) Best Student Award”, “ International Display Manufacturing Conference (IDMC) and R.O.C. Taiwan Liquid Crystal Society (TLCS) Best Poster Paper Award” in 2017 and was invited to present their study in 2018 Society for Information Display (SID) in Los Angeles of USA.

For start-up team, CES is definitely the most important stage not only to win the world class exposure but also get the attention from venture capital.  The team is also sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan to join CES 2019. The team includes Dr. Tsung-Hsien Lin (James Lin), Heng-Yi Tseng, Cheng-Chang Li, Li-Min Chang, Kuan-Wu Lin, their research result has earned the high recognition from the government and industry.  In addition to the Best Start-up Award from Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan in June of 2018, the team keeps winning the gold of “Liteon Award” the biggest innovation competition in the circle of Chines and “The Best innovation” of I-Zone which is a national wide start-up competition.

Dr. James Lin said the current smart glass can adjust brightness according to the condition of weather, the level of sun exposure, temperature and the landscape; however, during the night time, the smart glass cannot work without light.  To solve the problem, the team develops “Multi-function smart window film” which integrates LED system into the glass.  It enables glass to be the lighting system during the night time.  When there is nature light, user can control the brightness they need. When there is only faint light, the user can also adjust the integrated lighting system to get the brightness they want to fit the user mode.  The invention includes three modes-transparent、privacy secure and lighting and can be switched in-between the three modes.  Hopefully it can be a new component for construction and bring the new application for the future building.

Join the exhibition in "2018 Asia Smart City" in the hall of Southern Taiwan Gloria-Smart Technology 

The demo model which will be seen in CES 2019

The invention team has the partnership with Southern Taiwan Gloria and I-Shou University to create the demo model