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FinTech Taipei 2018, directed by the Financial Supervisory Commission and co-hosted by Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable and Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, is the largest financial event of the year. The expo created a special “Academic Area” and invited National Chengchi University Global Research and Industry Alliance (NCCU GLORIA) to exhibit fintech innovation results, which, incorporating cross-industry and cross-border professional linkages, strengthens NCCU’s research and development power for digital technology and financial innovations.
The biometric identity authentication platform, developed jointly by NCCU FinTech Research Center and Coretech Knowledge’s Research and Innovation Team, successfully integrates ID card optical identification technologies through industry, government, and education aspects. It contains artificial intelligence and machine learning core facial recognition technology, signature identification technology, voice identification technology, block chain, and high compliance requirement content management document base technology. The completion of the “biometric identity authentication framework,” and development of Taiwan’s first “biometric identity authentication app for financial insurance businesses” take the insurance exchange compliance requirements authentication on non-repudiation and integrity to a more objective, faster, and more accurate level, and will provide more advanced mobile insurance service. The technologies are currently under comprehensive testing in several property and life insurance companies, and will gradually launch in the market starting early next year.
Also the “block chain intelligent locker” developed by Blockchain Base. This service combines block chain point wallets with electronic lockers to offer users secure and convenient disposal and withdraw. Users may pay points for locker rent by scanning the locker’s QR-code. Besides individual use, other people may be allowed to open the locker and retrieve items through a designated account number, thus allowing product storage between sellers and buyers.
NCCU’s goals are to become the entry for introducing international innovative industries to Taiwan; to build a complete fintech ecosystem through policy, need, talent, and funding; and to assist international fintech’s accelerated touchdown in Taiwan.

NCCU GLORIA’s exhibition booth at FinTech Taipei 2018

NCCU FinTech GLORIA exhibition team