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  • 2018 Dec 04
  • Aging Carefree 20 International Experts from the Joint Team of Taipei Veterans General Hospital & National Yang-Ming University Gather Together to Open the Black Box of an Ageless Future
The 2018 Veteran Yang-Ming Forum was composed of the lectures given by 20 elite experts to present the full range of geriatric research results

Taiwan is moving toward an aging society, and “aging” has become the power of innovation, driving many ideas and technological innovations. In this internationally competitive environment, National Yang-Ming University and Taipei Veterans General Hospital are closely linked. The joint event of the Veteran Yang-Ming Forum was held on November 11th with 21 opinion leaders to challenge and take turns to give a short speech. More than 500 people attended the event, focusing on the latest research findings in gerontology and the development of the longevity economy.

Principal Kuo indicated that it is very meaningful to bring together experts in the field of geriatrics

Superintendent Deh-Ming Chang said he will continue to work closely with NYMU

The Veteran Yang-Ming Forum, sponsored by National Yang-Ming University GLORIA, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei Veterans General Hospital and Stans Foundation, gathered experts in various fields such as forward-looking research, public health, innovative medical technology, long-term care and senior design to present research achievements and reveal potential key factors for delaying aging, including cardiovascular, brain imaging, longevity genes and physiological resilience; to develop smart medical technology and innovative medical devices, and new drugs to enhance the quality of life for the elderly.

Chairman Stan Shih mentioned that Stans Foundation has invested heavily in a number of studies on elderly Chinese people

Chief Liang-Kung Chen opened the Forum by talking about today in relation to the past

Superintendent of VGH-TP, Deh-Ming Chang, pointed out the targeted patient population of VGH-TP is the largest age group in the country. That is the foundation for the development of the geriatric medicine in VGH-TP is well developed. In 2012, the VGH-TP Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology was selected as the only world class geriatric research center of excellence in Asia, which is an important milestone for the hospital. In the future, we will continue to work with National Yang-Ming University closely to strengthen Taiwan’s international leading position in the field of geriatric research. National Yang-Ming University has cultivated many international-level talents in geriatric research, and “Geriatric” is the key to the present and future of National Yang-Ming University.

From up to down: Superintendent Chi-Hung Lin, Department of Health, New Taipei City Government, Dean Chen-Huan Chen, School of Medicine, NYMU, Dean Ming-Lun Hsu, School of Dentistry, NYMU are
Speaking about issues from the perspectives of public health, cardiovascular and oral health.

This mega Forum was kicked off by Chief Liang-Kung Chen from the VGH-TP Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology and Aging and Health Research Center, National Yang-Ming University to leverage the idea of “Glory sunset and old age: The century exploration of aging and immortality”. He shared a number of poems by Chinese poets from the Tang Dynasty, Ju-yi Bai and Yu-xi Liu, to deliberate the current situation from the past history. The tradition of respecting the elderly in Chinese society has never been changed by poverty or wealth. It is an important niche for Taiwan to develop a long-term care policy.

2018 Veteran Yang-Ming Forum gathering all the experts from different fields to share the research achievements to universally improve the quality of life of the elderly.

In addition, the Taipei Veterans General Hospital and National Yang-Ming University Joint Team has demonstrated the bridging role like NYMU industrial and academic operation center and GLORIA between industry and academia. For example, the Aging and Health Research Center has collaborated with the Laurel Corp. to develop the nutritional meals for the elderly with sarcopenia. Such collaboration is the indicative model industry-academia collaboration and has also formed collaborative efforts with major domestic technology companies to develop artificial intelligence with fruitful results. Through the assistance of the Stans Foundation and connections with the local lifestyle industries, we’re facilitating the development of a future life model for longevity of our country’s economy.
“2018 Veteran Yang-Ming Forum” group photo