National Cheng Kung University
  • 2018 Nov 27
  • The Elite Start-up Teams Showcased the Fruitful Results of Entrepreneurship during the “Dreams Come True Together with NKCU Carnival”
In order to showcase the fruitful results of the school promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship as well as student guidance, GLORIA NCKU initiated the “Dreams Come True -2018 NCKU Innovation Dreams Come True Project” since May. A total of 22 campus start-up teams were subsidized and the participating members included 9 professors from 8 faculties, more than 50 students across 15 faculties, 2 physicians from NCKU Hospital and 8 school staff, of which 11 teams have been set up their start-up companies. Other than the teams that participated in the Dreams Come True Project, NCKU also invited other start-up teams from the school this year to present results of innovation and entrepreneurship during the “Dreams Come True Together with NKCU Carnival”.

The forum in the morning session, in respond to the ongoing upsurge of global entrepreneurship, the government has introduced various regulatory reform for innovation and entrepreneurship, and strived to create a better entrepreneurial environment for young entrepreneurs. Other than excellent quality of lecturers and students of NCKU, abundant research and development capabilities, and have many ideas to improve social issues, can you start-up a business successfully solely because of good technology? It seems like it is not definite. Hence, Dr Tsung-Ching Wu, Chief Technology Officer, Asia Silicon Valley Development Plan, James Wang, Chairman of EY Foundation and Jesse Chen, Chief Executive Officer of GLORIA NCKU were invited to discuss with the start-up teams on the entrepreneurial issue, “Want to succeed in entrepreneurship - when products and technologies are available, then, what is lacking?” The discussion attracted more than 200 participants, and it turned into an interactive question and answer session with the experts.

It was a results presentation by the 16 teams in the afternoon session. Everyone can understand the innovative ideas, the values and advantages of the products of each team through the presentation. Some of the seniors who graduated from NCKU and became successful entrepreneurs also participated this activity to share the problems that they encountered during their entrepreneurial journey, so that the team can understand the areas of concern and the directions of entrepreneurship in the future. As Dr. Huey-Jen Jenny Su, President of NCKU said, the innovative spirit is an important driving force for economic, technological and social development, and the cultivation of innovative spirit further transforming into a new venture after technology commercialization. For the overall economy, it can promotes the metabolism of the economy to activate the economy; for individuals, entrepreneurship is an opportunity for self-actualization, and it is a stage to develop individual potentials.